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We are still living in a culture of violence. Not in Palestine, not in Ukraine ... Right HERE


Nov 10 World Science Day for Peace & Development "has ..helped foster cooperation between scientists living in regions marred by conflict - (eg) the UNESCO-supported creation of the Israeli-Palestinian Science Organization" (UN web). The theme for this year is "Building trust in Science". We believe scientific endeavours can bring peace wherever there is hunger, natural disasters, war or underdevelopment though we see from the Israel Palestine inhumanity raging, peace DOES NOT depend on science but on social science and psychology.


🕊 🥋Every time we attack something that is coming against us with energy in a direct way mirroring it and reciprocating in the same way, we are using violence. What is more, by directing all our force AGAINST it, we are giving it more energy. This is what is taught in martial arts : if you oppose an opponent directly, you are giving them your strength. Martial arts teach how to use the movement of the attacking force to re-conduct it.


🕊 🌁Science still has to bridge the gap between our cognitive and emotional understanding of the world making room for psychology, emotions, the limbic brain (regulating our reactions of fear and flight) and reptilian brain (regulating our survival instinct).


🕊 Peace ultimately lies within. No peace inside, none outside. We transfer our violence in-out. Peace is coming to terms with ourselves. The more we are in peace, the less we get caught in conflicts. When we are in an inner area of peace, our threshold of reaction is much lower and our brain has time to process and respond in a more creative way 


🕊 Violence comes from lacking the basics or being robbed of our rights or possessions or believing so. Watch how you react when you believe your rights are not being respected. This may happen in the least significant moments of our lives. It is not only happening in places of wars or collective conflicts but right at home.


🕊👹Violence is a reaction to FEAR. Fear triggers fight or flight response. If we are not passive, then we respond aggressively.  We have to find and localise which fear is being triggered and from an area of peace in our brain, learn to tame the fear so that we can have more intelligent reactions in real life situations !


🕊 Let's start with our own self, community, company, country wherever we can, even starting small and erase the violence still existing in many areas of life towards...gender, children, education, agriculture, animals, our Earth ... We can find her we are going against the very nature of living beings and agressing. We force children to learn in a way that their brain is not prepared to yet. Against natural plagues, we respond with chemical pesticides which do more harm than good. Machism forces the feminine gender to remain in a role which doesn't  allow women to flourish. The more all our areas of knowledge are connected - science, agriculture, education, medicine, technology, psychology - the less harm we can do by considering  


🕊Interfering often arises from people who can't accept the absence of total control which is an inherent part of Life : looking for people to control gives an illusion of control....🤔 


🕊The cognitive mind divides - black/white, good/bad. If I believe I'm right, then you HAVE to be wrong. Becoming aware we're caught in dualistic thinking opens up communication. Peace is coming to terms with others.


🕊❤️The more we bring the heart into our lives, we create union. Let's not fear to act and take decisions connecting the cognitive and rational brain with the heart, be it work or business. 


🕊🩺 A disease may be the sign we aren't at peace with ourselves and act as a code. Deciphering it will help us achieve balance. Let's not see diseases or mental diseases as BAD. First let us listen to what is saying to us before trying to eradicate it in a violent way.


🕊🌿Let's stop bullying our own body. Non invasive therapies do succeed, specially when a disease is about to set in. Botanical ingredients without any side effects, Homeopathy, acupuncture, magnetic therapy, trauma therapy, any kind of therapy, hypnosis, even love and  listening.


 🕊😇 Miracles happen. Accepting the non-standard can help us see what to do to make them recur. Terminal diseases have cured under sudden shifts of energy or thought (eg Anita Moorjani -Ted Talks)


🕊 Reordering things in a wiser way and acknowledging what must can bring peace. Bert Hellinger's work with (family) constellations has much to offer.


🕊👃🏽 Breathing or collective breathing reduces anger.


🕊🚶🏽‍♂️ Go slow when we can. Take it easy. Slow reduces stress and allows processing.  Every time we are in a learning process, we need to slow down. To learn how to react in a different way than a response of violence, we have to slow down to allow our brain to process and find creative ways of responding.

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