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Cutting edge Method elaborated from the initial research done by Dr Lozanov in neuropsychophysiology and suggestopedia - activating the two brain hemispheres  (logic and creativity) in a pleasant and relaxed state with the stimulation of the inner ear for the listening, accent and pronunciation, at times using Baroque music whose frequencies favour the assimilation of the new language.

Sophropedagogy does just that : fast learning with pleasure.


By permission

  Sophropedagogy is an artful combination of 

  • Suggestopedia in which the sound frequency of baroque music favours the assimilation of the new language as researched by Lozanov

  • A story to act out, introducing structures, vocabulary and syntax

  • Emotional connection with the new language

  • The activation of the right and left hemispheres in turn with active and passive exercises (using imagination, creativity, drama, music, relaxation and visualisations.)

  • Improvisation 

  • and a lot of fun, fun, fun

  • Go from scratch to being able to socialise in English or French in JUST     80 hours. In 20 sessions of 4 hours/day OR 40 sessions of 2 hours/day you will reach A2. 

  • In JUST 80 hours more i.e. 20 sessions of 4 hours/day or 40 sessions of 2 hours/day you will be able to communicate in a fluent and relaxed way with a B1.

  • Presential or ONLINE.

  • One to one OR groups of no more than 6 persons.


By permission

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