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The higher you dream, the higher you grow

By permission


What is coaching ?

Coaching is accompanying you to go somewhere you dream of 

or leaving the place you are at and heading in the right direction.

It is finding your own resources,

and exploring your potentialities

with the impulse of an external observer.

Coaching is expanding your awareness 

to accomplish what your true purpose is, 

bringing to the world your unique characteristics.

When we don't know what we could achieve,

we need someone else to dream for us.

In company, this is the role of a manager who cares.

ACC - ICF Coach.

Sculpting in Clay

Our tools

The Heart

Cutting-edge brain research

The Enneagram

The five elements

The six senses



Organizational/family Patterns



Personal Values

Art therapy

Clay sculpture


Enneagram practitioner 

Clay Art
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