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Systemic Team Coach & Mediator (NVC)

Systemic Leadership & Team Coaching

Systemic Coach (U. Francisco de Vitoria)

Did you know that your team is a system ? As such, how does it balance for high performance ?  What do you need to look after to move forward ? We use a systemic approach with organisational configurations and explore Lencioni diagnostic tool together with you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement to design a powerful action plan.


By enabling communication as a natural flow, the system itself finds answers to your problems and solutions to move ahead.

Team Fit : Potentiate the roles in your team

Belbin practitioner

In a team, who is the inspiration ?

Who urges to get things completed ?

Who looks out for things that can go wrong ?

Do you have too much of a role or too little ?

Learning about your team allows you to appreciate who you all are,

potentiate your talents and find ways to furbish the roles that are missing from the Belbin Circle of Roles and as researched by Meredith Belbin during many years.


In a team "What is needed is not well balanced individuals, but individuals who balance well with each other.” Meredith Belbin


Fun and Purposeful Team Building 
Team building activities designed for your current and specific needs in Nature and idyllic venues
....and more...
The FIVE elements®

Original Idea by B. Nazroo

How much of you is Earth, Air, Fire or Water ? And what is the Fifth Element?

How do you communicate from there and what is your source of motivation ? What are your stress triggers and

how do you relate them to the missing elements ?

In a team, what is the right balance and how to build on what you have and how to make up for what is not seemingly there ? How to maximise potential at every point in time of a project depending on the element needed ? And how to make sure an element appearing at the wrong time is not hindering progress. 

And most important of all : How to bring out the 5th element, the Ether, the force of connection ? The AWARENESS

Values aligned Lean & Agile Workshop

Lean Practitioner


When you implement Lean or/and Agile to

improve processes and productivity,

be sure to be honouring your values and

your DNA. 

Make sure your teams have enough autonomy whilst working smoothly in 

the flow so that you look after their 


Keep coherent to build in momentum

and create communication, flow and synergy in your teams and between your departments.

The greatest waste takes place when there is a lack of communication around what matters in a team.



Further Alignment

Alignment of your Managers with your Mission/Vision/Values 


Alignment between partners

Alignment in Duos between Heads of Dept

Alignment between departments

Conflict Resolution - What is your conflict resolution style and how can you expand your abilities ?  We use Thomas Kilmann diagnostic.


Mediation - we use non-violent communication principles from Rosenberg 

Recruitment with Team Fit using Myers Briggs MBTI and Belbin - You recruit your team according to your needs and values, saving unnecessary costs.

HeartBodyMindfulness in Nature

Come spend some relaxing time with your team in the natural surroundings of Madrid

Practise exercises to connect with Nature and open up to her nourishing energy and learn a bit from her.

Embark on a powerful sensory journey, opening up to new perceptions

Play games and connect with your inner child.

Discover the plants around you, their health properties and how to use them

with a herbalist

Satisfaction Guarantee

We will ALWAYS provide solutions

to keep you HAPPY with our work

honouring a RESPECTFUL DIALOGUE between both parties

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