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Take your TEAM to the place where they can DREAM

and  grow in conscious leadership

By permission


DNA Coaching

Get your managers team onboard

Did you know that your Company DNA is the steering force of all your activities ?

What are the main characteristics - the genes - of your Company DNA ?

Through systemic coaching and the exploration of your company's particular and unique history, you will :-

- define your Company DNA

- devise ways to activate your Company DNA genes

- define ways to deactivate what is not your Company DNA and  which is creating the burden

- design your Brand Image 

When your managers' team is onboard 

and the communication FLOWING

You are all aligned on the company's mission

and it will take you much less energy, resources and money to achieve your objectives.

VAlUES Coaching

When your managers team is onboard,

your company will be onboard

Did you know that displaying 

and committing to your values

 cements your company together

and fosters loyalty ?

Through team building exercises 

with your managers 

or with your company

define your values 

so that you will be guided by this compass

to your objectives, avoiding errors.

Design how they will become manifest

in the daily activities of your company

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