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Or Dream Exploration

For those who wish to Connect with the wisdom of the Self
in all circumstances of life (Personal & Professional)

"As long as you have not made the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it destiny." Carl Gustav Jung

Some of our tools are :

  • Active Imagination

  • Visualization & sophrology

  • Active Meditation

  • The energy of archetypes

  • Tibetan Inner Conflict Resolution

  • Moreno psychodrama

  • Voice exploration

  • Breathing and body awareness

  • Past experience integration

  • Synchronicity


The vastness of the sea in dreams represents the immense treasures we discover in the depths of our selves. Dream Interpretation unravels the careful and WISE path dreams provide us towards our full growth to accomplish our unique purpose as a unique human being.

Dreams provide unique and personal guidance for :-


  • Healing body ailments

  • Balancing inner needs

  • Harmonising relationships

  • Solving problems and conflicts

  • Professional growth

  • Taking major decisions

  • Making wise choices

  • Resourcing

  • Loving yourself

3 to 6 months short programme
starting with 
2 sessions on the go
In your dreams is your greatest and closest ally
Unfolding your psychical DNA
for your unique growth

 Jungian Psychologist 30 years interpreting dreams

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