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Don't wait until it's too late !

Don’t wait until it is too late !

Mental health is becoming a bigger and bigger issue and sleep disorders are gaining ground, specially in a time of fear and disease. In companies too.

Our world today built on productivity, speed and endless geographical possibilities calls for an excess of yang, never balanced by the yin.

This is when there can occur a burn out or depression or a work accident or a disease or…. something that happens in our life to bring the balance. Life says STOP !

Because in the stop is the YIN.

We can foresee that : include the YIN in our lives before it is too late. Those moments where we just breathe connecting with our life source, a clear look around, a stop in the park, feeling our feet on the ground, a moment of meditation or prayer, sensing our heart, listening to our intuition.

In companies, we can also do that and build on this simple health factor where each one is empowered over their health. We can turn it into an in-company habit, a ritual before and well into a communication or a negotiation process. The yin moment can become part of our culture when listening to each other.

How much do you make use of yin at work ? I'd love to hear your comments.

(I am starting a new weekly brief reading series "The conscious company". You build on your real life forces.)

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