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A relationship of Trust

Jean Marie Raymond
CEO Pharmactive Biotech Prod.
Luz Usamentiaga Ortiz
Director Institutional Relations 
Fundación Orange

Brigitte is intuitive, flexible and caring. She helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel clarifying my thoughts and identifying what I needed to move forward. This is what makes Brigitte a great coach to work with and the very positive human being she is makes this outstanding combination.

Thibault's classes are extremely dynamic, an artful combination of grammar with continuous practice. A very entertaining way of learning French !

Oscar Alba Gallego
Director RRHH Ucalsa
Luis Ruperez
HR Director

Brigitte offers carefully elaborated courses with truly interesting contents and really useful because they are above all practical. In English or French, they are a "MUST" for the student. 

Just one word to summarize the training received : "SPLENDID". From the very first minute, I was enthralled by the training offered by our teacher Thibault, a training which has nothing to do with traditional language classes, full of theory and little practice. Thibault's classes are dynamic, entertaining, addressing the issues important to me, in short enabling you to evolve in a French setting.

Marguerite Gerritsen
Managing Director
Pharmactive Biotech Products SL

Miguel  Angel  Fueyo

Technology South CTO - Verisure (Securitas Direct)

Formerly COO/CIO  - Orange

Brigitte is playing a very important role as a coach, teacher and change management motivator in our company; raising awareness and offering practical advice on how to align a business focus with HR policy driving employee motivation & self-development, united through a shared set of values, strong communication and a focus on health and well-being. Pleasure to work with her!

I had been 35 years taking French classes. But with Thibault, I found the teacher and method that completely turned around my approach to that language and made me truly learn and very fast too. The classes are a pleasure for me, fun, intense and learning more than ever. and edit me. It's easy.

Sonia Ruiz Moreno



Without any doubt, the best English-speaking coach you can have.  Brigitte has helped us recover our confidence in our abilities to communicate in English in critical situations, but above all, she has accompanied us in transition periods with a great benevolence, which has helped us to mature as a team.  

Lidia Molina
La Cochura

“Tibo's French classes are 100% recommendable. He is pleasant, patient and his classes super entertaining. His method has helped me improve my french in very little time, they have been beyond my expectations. They focus on learning a useful French, on speaking with fluency and with a good pronunciation AND in the environment I need.”

Arrate Jimeno
People's development

Working with Brigitte meant a very big step in my personal development journey. Moving forward in this process is a great vital challenge. Brigitte gives the necessary keys with talent and precision. I recommend her professionalism, her excellent work tools and techniques as well as her great personal and professional skills to anyone prepared to know themselves in depth and wishing to enhance the best of themselves.

In adult age, languages can be a problem but Thibault manages to make his students progress.  Professionalism and adaptation to the level and interests of his students and  what's more, his classes are so much fun !! 

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