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Why Bridging left and right hemispheres is essential to your company’s success !

(Though some functions sit in both hemispheres, we speak of left and right hemispheres for the sake of clarity.)

As told by Gladwell in Blink, a recently found kouros was acclaimed by worldwide renowned scientists and experts of the J.Getty Museum after painstaking investigations….to be torn down in a matter of seconds by a look from art historian Federico Zeri.

Intuition is fast, immediate and straightforward, connecting information which may never reach consciousness. We know but not how we know. The left brain with its sequential logic and data analysis is slow, tedious and never gets the big and whole picture. It compartmentalises and dissects to take control.

True, to increase productivity, processes can be made simpler and faster by using left brain strategies such as measurements. Yet, companies may miss out on their real value and lose their edge by scorning "fuzzy" right brain features running the risk of putting out the flame of inspiration and passion. Marketing, HR, R&D, Sales, BD depts. are even more concerned in that respect for the obvious reasons of their need for flair, insight, imagination, fast decision making, connectedness and the unmeasurable factors of motivation.

The US office of Naval Research (ONR) is developing methods to help soldiers rely on their “spidey sense” on the battle field. Iconic entrepreneurs like Henry Ford, Jobs, Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Allen or Travis Kalanick have known how to create a new voice of customer. Dr Orloff (UCLA) is working with women top executives on this “superpower” for more efficient leadership. Women have a thicker corpus callous (the connective white matter between left and right hemispheres) which predisposes to faster connectedness between logic and intuition (though undeniably women can be stuck in fact analysis and men are becoming mor