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Moving from “Thanks God it’s Friday” to excitement in going back to work on Monday ?

Oct 2021

How can we move from “Thanks God it’s Friday” to more excitement in going back to work on Monday ? How can we find more freedom at work, when we have to be doing some things that we wouldn’t naturally be doing ?

The clue is OWNING our work.

How to do so when our manager is not empowering us, when there is so much control over what we do, when we depend on processes and machines ?

The answer is awareness. Awareness into our TRUE selves. Awareness provides us with a Home-Work Continuity - which is NOT Work-Home Continuity, It is NOT taking the work from work to home BUT asking ourselves : What are we taking in our rucksack from home to work and to everywhere in life ?

Let me give you an example. You are having conflicts at work with other people. Could that reflect the nitpicking you have had with others in other parts of your life : your neighbours, your siblings ? Someone who needs to be the centre of attention at home may also want that at work. One who suffers from a Diogenes complex at home will unfortunately carry it to work. What about your relationship to authority figures ? If you had problems of understanding with your mother, you might find it hard to adapt to a severe woman boss or be the right authority figure for others whilst an authoritative father might make your tolerant boss’s decisions seem weak in your eyes.

The objectives you set, the way you work at them, the approach you have to problems, the risks you can take may reflect what you bring in your rucksack.

The structure and organisation that work requires, the timetable and the inevitable formality and demand on the relationships can very well help you stretch yourself. A framework within which to grow. You may have to make decisions when you are not given to decision making., take risks even if you are risk-avert, talk in public being introvert.

Is it as simple ? Yes if we are willing to learn. There may also be an area of experience within work which life hasn’t given us elsewhere. One who hasn’t had a guide in their father might find one in his boss who will bet on him and give him chances he never had before. Looking through any challenge at work through these lenses can give us insights about what to develop in our current job.

In this way, we are looking to empower ourselves at work and using the hours we are working for others or for ourselves not only for our salary and benefits but to our own higher benefit bringing us meaning in what we do. What is more, our career will also benefit from it as we enlarge our scope of experience using all opportunities to grow.

Please share and share your experiences.

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