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Our motto  : Connection breeds Health

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Feel Connected

We, as human beings, are gifted with an amazing ability to connect. It is one of our major strengths.

In all we do, in our personal, social or professional life, when this force shows as love,  trust, understanding or empathy, it comes from the Heart.It can be doted on people, living beings, things.

The force of connection can also come from the Mind. This is when we understand, we have sudden insights, we connect the dots and make our visions of the future come true. 

Connection involves discrimination, attention  and energy to sustain the connection to what is of value to us. Not being able to connect entails disease and mental disease. 

We also can connect with parts of ourselves, our abilities and strengths which may not be in use, to our inner wisdom and to our subconscious and unconscious, and draw on their energy to grow and make the changes we want in our life. 

At Feel Connected, we help you enlarge and become your best Self at work and in your personal life by connecting to what is of value to you in yourself and with others.  Read on to know how we do it.

 Connect with your resources

You have specific aims and want changes in your professional or personal life. You'd like to be successful in your enterprise, a better leader or have a better team, you want a better position, you wish to enjoy better relationships, you wish to outgrow some uneasiness.


Did you know you have a natural inner engineering to guide you ? Listen to your body, heart and spirit, to your innate purpose & potential and follow your natural instinct for health and growth through our model of  Coaching. Heartbodymindfulness is at the core of how you will implement those changes, naturally.




Likewise, you may at some point wish to find deeper and more robust resources with some tools we use in Therapy,  if you wish so, which will lead you to greater balance and harmony, fulfilling your true mission in life.

Connect with your Team

A team which doesn't connect with their leader or between themselves is a barren field. Improve communication flow in all directions. .

Then, you can agilize process flow using  Agile or Lean aligned on your values,

Implement and follow-up on plannified change management within your team





With robust communication tools, you will be able to connect 360ª to your team and your particular purpose aligning on your mission, vision and values going as deep as into your DNA.


Coherence and Alignment naturally enforce productivity and motivation 

Learn English/French fast

by connecting

the right and left brain

From scratch to social skills in one month) connecting the two brain hemispheres





Improve your professional and personal skills in English/French (Presentations, Negotiations, Communication

and more ...) connecting to your inherent abilities.




Develop your emotional intelligence, grow in MindBodyfulness, take the reins of your health in English / French connecting to your inner abilities

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