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This pandemic shows the world needs.... WOMAN-MADE SOLUTIONS

March 8, 2021

Woman, the world as it is going

Needs you for who you are

The genuine you and no faint copy

of a square head on a rounded Earth*

What we have been witnessing for a year now looks like the last attempt of the masculine spirit to remain in control. From thinking he was the master of life and death, Man is now trembling from the speck of a virus, retaliating with solutions of an obsolete masculine nature in its reactive and warlike aspect to impose power and CRUSH THE ENEMY, whereby also separating us from our loved ones, preventing us from breathing, tearing us from Nature and thrusting us into a virtual world devoid of the power of touch.

Yet, it is now of common knowledge (quoting any studies would feel redundant) that the physical and mental health of human beings depends on just these factors which we are being deprived of to get us out of this mess : contact with our loved ones, breathing, Nature, touch, our body. Through our body and hands did our intelligence develop.

Therefore, women AND our allies, the men who trust their feminine spirit within, are needed to come out with intuitive and agile solutions that go beyond the strictly analytical and rational which tend to overlook fundamental aspects and resources and may be very short-term in their healing prospects. Solutions which will embrace and not separate, which will not damage beyond repair but will cultivate life and bestow it richer onto the next generation. Leaps in human development have taken place by sudden insights or even dreams (Newton, Einstein...).

The feminine spirit seeks connection - with those around but also with Nature. The feminine spirit cannot but surrender to the life forces, not only by the biological nature of cradling life and giving birth but also by the subtle nature of our experience. One example is the effect of resonance on the convergence of menstrual cycles of school girls or women living together. Another is the power of love over the healing of a child.

What would the feminine spirit look like in medicine ? Surely a medicine that would take into account our inherent immense resources and those of our environment in a holistic view of the different spheres of evolution of the person and of the illness itself (from the individual to the family, community, society, country ....). What would the feminine spirit look like in education ? ...What would the feminine spirit look like in business ?

It's high time these questions that were asked 50 years ago by a woman who seemingly couldn't but follow a ruthless model were tackled now ....

(*From my cousin, the painter Khalid Nazroo)

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